Olon’s expertise spans from β-lactams to antitumor antibiotics. Retinoids also are one of the main Olon’s know-how, that goes back to late eighties. Other areas of excellence include antivirals, from the most classical ones (e.g. acyclovir) to the newer ones (protease inhibitors).

Olon is also very active in the area of controlled substances, typically anorectic compounds and other very active CNS compounds. Antitumor derivatives of the anti-hormone family or newer non citotoxic oncology compounds are also in development or well consolidated productions.

Our APIs Portfolio is continuously expanding. Please check current APIs already available or under development in our commercial and R&D lists.

Olon S.p.A. is continuously expanding its business with the development of CTD-Format Dossiers of Generic Finished Dosage Forms mostly based on APIs from its own production.

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